In May 2015, Taner delivered his first Cornerstone FIDIC Module 2: Claims seminar on his own in Tbilisi.

He was then invited back to speak at the GIAC Arbitration conference which took place in December 2016.

In June 2017, Taner was invited by ACEG and FIDIC to the FIDIC business day to speak about his experience on international construction contracts. Prior to the conference, Taner delivered a Cornerstone FIDIC Module 2: Claims seminar on his own. In November 2017 Taner delivered a 2 day seminar on FIDIC Module 1: Contracts.

In March 2018, Taner returned to Tbilisi to take part as a speaker in the FIDIC – ACEG – EFCA Regional Infrastructure Conference. He spoke about Variations under FIDIC 2017.

Taner then took part in a two day seminar together with Leo Grutters and Cremona Cotovelea on DAAB’s under the new 2017 FIDIC books.

In 2019, Taner delivered an 2-day in-house seminar on the Yellow Book in Batumi and a 2 day Contracts seminar in Tbilisi. 

In April 2020, Taner organised an Online live Zoom conference to enable members of ACEG to consider the FIDIC provisions relating to Force Majeure and Covid-19 and to look at the perspectives of the Parties and how to resolve disputes:

  • Taner spoke about the obligations arising under the Contract.
  • Nina Tsaturova, Senior lawyer at Georgian branch of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC (Baku-Tbilisi-KArs Railway Project) spoke about the Georgian law.
  • Elene Totibdze, Senior Lawyer at JSC Chateau Mukhrani gave the perspectives of the Employer.
  • Irakli Khergiani, Director at Intelligent Solutions LLC spoke from the perpsectives of the Contractor.
  • Sophie Tkemaladze, Arbitrator, Mediator and founder of Resolve spoke about how best to resolve disputes.